At Perceptive Leaders, we partner with client organizations to help them achieve their business objectives by increasing the effectiveness of their leaders and leadership teams.

Our Organizational consulting services are designed to support the needs of mid to senior-level organizational leaders. We offer one-on-one executive coaching, leadership team development and group leadership development programs.

Our Individual consulting services are designed to meet the needs of career professionals. We offer one-on-one coaching and group professional development programs.

Our clients tell us it’s our exceptional understanding of the business context that makes us different, as well as our ability to facilitate the growth of leaders in ways that support organizational and individual objectives.




What's New

Renewing Teams

A team development workshop for organizational leaders and their teams. 

Ideal for organizations in the midst of significant change – be that cultural, strategic, or new leadership – this program can be used in a variety of ways to support organizational initiatives, including:

  • To kick off a strategic planning initiative
  • As part of a team development  process

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