At Perceptive Leaders, our approach to leadership development is predicated on a core belief that personal leadership – being the leader of one’s life – is an essential skill to cultivate if we are to lead satisfying professional lives and be effective in our leadership roles.  (Read more about Our Point of View.)


Perceptions is a series of short articles about various dimensions of personal leadership, and ways in which this supports our capacity for organizational leadership. These articles are intended as a resource to provide thought leadership, stimulate thinking, and invite dialog leading to a shared learning experience about personal and organizational leadership. Click here to see current issue.


About the Author: Lori Zahn, President of Perceptive Leaders.

Lori is a seasoned organizational consultant and executive coach working with individual leaders and leadership teams.   If you've worked with Lori, you know that she is passionate about helping people grow and develop as leaders and create professional lives that are personally satisfying. 




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