Group leadership programs iconOur Leadership Programs are custom designed to harness the potential of high performing senior leaders and an engaged senior leadership team. Senior leaders are charged with leading a functional area of the organization and typically report to a C-level leader. Oftentimes these senior leaders are thought of as comprising a Senior Leadership Team (SLT) that extends across the organization. They are, by definition, an important extension of your Executive Leadership Team.

We find that many organizations aren’t quite sure how to best bring their SLT leaders together – in ways that will create a cohesive senior leadership team and one that is working synergistically with their ELT. Perceptive has developed a Senior Leadership Team Development Program designed to do just this.

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  • Leadership development programs for groups of leaders.
  • Focused on enhancing individual leader and organizational effectiveness.
  • Designed for senior leaders across the organization.

How We Help

Senior Leadership Team Development Across the Organization

Our senior leadership team development is a facilitated group process for senior leaders across the organization. The ELT typically joins the group at key points in the process, in ways that create greater alignment and provides necessary support.

A common learning edge for leaders at this level is leading their functional area of the business and team while working cross functionally with other teams. They need to do both, and well. In this way, they too (like your ELT leaders) have a similar second hat challenge.

Working with a senior leadership team (SLT) is best done as an extension of, and after, working with your executive leadership team (ELT). Once the ELT is aligned and cohesive as a team, and it has clarified the composition and role of the SLT, this creates the necessary foundation for bringing the SLT together. The frameworks and tools used in working with an ELT can be effectively extended to your SLT. Clients tell us that the shared understanding, language, and tools that comes out of this approach creates a robust foundation on which to build alignment between an ELT and its SLT.

Leading Cross-Functionally and Virtually

Leading at this level requires leaders to work cross-functionally, and increasingly, virtually with teams other than their own. Interdependencies abound. Initiatives in one functional areas of the business depend on, and affect, one another. Leading cross functionally requires the ability to collaborate. Collaboration is cultural and it’s also a learned skill.

While having deep functional expertise and the ability to lead a functional team is essential, at the senior leader level it’s only the beginning. Our leadership programs are designed to build the core competencies required to lead effectively across the organization. This work begins with developing a cross-functional mindset as a measure of leadership success.

Key Competencies to Work Skillfully Across the Organization Include

  • Building strong peer relationships
  • Creating transparency across teams
  • Opening to new and different ideas and perspectives
  • Engaging in constructive dialogue and debate
  • Innovating cross-functional solutions to thorny problems
  • Working collaboratively in ways that break down silos
  • Teaming virtually without missing a beat

Custom Leadership Development Programs

At Perceptive, we design and deliver a variety of custom developed group programs grounded in a deep understanding of adult learning, adult development, and learning and development. Peer-to-peer learning, action learning, and a blended learning format of in-person and virtual sessions are key design elements in all our programs. We utilize a proven framework grounded in instructional design to achieve program goals.

While most programs are delivered in a blended in-person and virtual format they can also be delivered in a fully virtual format utilizing our innovative approach to virtual classroom delivery.

A Few Custom Programs We’ve Developed

  • Senior Leadership programs
  • Emotional Intelligence Leadership programs
  • Women in Leadership programs
  • Non-profit Leadership programs
  • Later-Career programs

Institute for Leaders in Development

University of Denver logoInstitute for Leaders in Development logo

The Institute for Leaders in Development at the University of Denver is a nine-month unique professional development program that identifies Colorado’s emerging nonprofit fundraising leaders and prepares them for the future. To date, more than 200 development professionals have completed the program.

Core elements of the program:

  • Personal leadership – shaping your career, leadership, and life
  • Emotional Intelligence- cultivating EI as a foundation for leadership
  • Relationship building – as an essential underpinning for leadership
  • Emergenetics assessment– for building self-awareness and to connect as a cohort
  • Personal leadership project – taking a learning edge into practice in leadership and life