We understand the challenges that career professionals face later in their career.  We have spent two decades helping accomplished career professionals navigate the career and retirement transitions that are unique to this time in life.

We work with individuals across diverse occupations – including organizational leaders, lawyers, accountants, teachers, doctors, nurses, engineers, business owners, and entrepreneurs, just to name a few – to navigate transformational career and retirement transitions.

Perceptive offers both instructor-led online courses and individual one-on-one career and retirement transition coaching.

Perceptive Transitions Program

Forward Focused

Our Online Perceptive Transitions Program will stimulate your thinking about this time in your life, help you ask the important questions, and provide you with a powerful framework and tools for navigating career and retirement transitions.

You’ll have the opportunity to intentionally pause, amidst the swirl of everyday life, and take in new information and perspectives to support you in charting an inspired and meaningful course ahead that is your desired future.

Join our thoughtfully designed program exclusively for career professionals later in their career who want to revitalize their career, or possibly change careers, or are planning a post-career transition into a next chapter that goes beyond traditional definitions of retirement.

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An Engaging Online Learning Experience

All courses are held on Zoom in a highly interactive online format. Our smaller more intimate group class sizes are conducive to great connections and conversations.

At Perceptive, we have been teaching online for over a decade and have developed innovative ways to create an engaging online learning experience.

Our interactive course format combined with deep knowledge of the subject matter, expert facilitation, and a wonderful group of program participants with shared experiences, come together to create what participants tell us is a stellar experience that exceeds their expectations.

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Online Perceptive Transitions Courses and Coaching

Oh, the Places You’ll Go

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Revitalizing Career Course

Are you looking to sustain and invigorate your current career or are you considering a career change? Our Revitalizing Career course will help you critically consider whether to stay in your current occupation and what changes this may require, while simultaneously exploring whether a career change might be a better choice and what that transition may look like.

Are you ready to revitalize your career?

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Reinventing Retirement Course

Are you looking to start the next chapter of your life outside of your professional career but struggle with how to do so? We understand. Your career may be a predominant focus and a defining part of your life. However, retirement doesn’t mean retiring from life or even necessarily from work all together. Our Reinventing Retirement course will expand your perspective and help you create a vision for living this next chapter in your life.

Are you ready to invent your retirement?

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One-On-0ne Personal Transition Coaching

Learning with others in one of our online courses may be all you need. Working with a coach in a one-on-one format that is personalized to your situation and needs may also be a great choice. Our One-On-One Transition Coaching can be a tremendous resource to help you achieve profound shifts in your thinking and perspective, explore new possibilities and options, and in the end, create the life you want to live.

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Short Courses on Topics of Interest

Continue and expand your learning experience by joining one of our Short Courses any time they are offered. These discussion-based courses were originally developed in response to students in our programs at the University of Denver asking us to take them on a deeper dive into important topics at midlife and beyond. We continue to evolve these courses and add to them.

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Perceptive Professional Transitions Framework©

A Powerful, Pioneering and Proven Process

Our proprietary framework has been designed specifically for accomplished career professionals for navigating professional transitions.