Executive transition coaching iconAt Perceptive, we are a catalyst for facilitating transformational change. We aspire to help you achieve profound shifts in your thinking and perspective, explore new possibilities and options, and in the end, create a pathway to the life you want to live.

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We offer two ways to work with a Perceptive Transitions Coach:

What is the Perceptive Transitions Program?

Transition Coaching is available as part of our Perceptive Transitions Program. You’ll find helpful information about this Program – including Program Highlights, Snapshot of Program Participants, Meet the Faculty, and FAQ here.

Custom Coaching Program

We offer transition coaching for career professionals outside the context of our Perceptive Transitions Program too.

When you select this custom coaching option, you will work with your coach to determine the timing and pacing that will best meet your needs. Most of our clients find that working with a coach for between two and six months works best for them.

You will also have the option of utilizing state-of-the art self-assessment tools to support your learning journey. At Perceptive, we are picky about assessment tools and have selected two tools that we have found to be a best fit for career professionals later in their career and in preparing for a post-career life. All of our coaches are certified in the use of these instruments.

This option can be a great choice for people who will benefit from working with a coach in a more customized way based on their unique needs and timing.

Would You Like to Work Individually with a Transitions Coach?

Schedule a free consultation with one of our Transition Coaches to explore how working with a coach may be a good fit for you.

Perceptive Transitions Program (PTP) Coaching

We offer transition coaching for career professionals as an optional supplement to our Perceptive Transitions Program (PTP) Immersion Courses – Revitalizing Career and Reinventing Retirement.

When you select this coaching option, you’ll meet virtually with your coach for 60 minutes twice during PTP and will have the option to extend working together for up to three months afterwards. Just select the Personal Transitions Coaching option when you enroll in the Perceptive Transitions Program.

This option can be a great choice for people who will benefit from engaging with and learning from their peers in the Perceptive Transitions Program as a group learning experience while also working privately with a coach to support their learning.

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