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Revitalizing careers course iconDo you want to sustain and invigorate your current career or are you thinking about making a career change? Revitalizing Career will help you think about whether and how to stay in your current career and explore whether a career change may be a better choice.

The Perceptive Professional Transitions Framework© is at the core of the course design and is a powerful, pioneering, and proven approach which has helped hundreds of mid-to-later career professionals explore ways to revitalize their career.

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What is the Perceptive Transitions Program?

Revitalizing Career is part of our Perceptive Transitions Program. You’ll find helpful information about this Program – including Program Highlights, Snapshot of Program Participants, Meet the Faculty, and FAQ here.

This Course Is Right for You if:

  • You are a career professional with 20+ years of experience
  • Your professional life is important to you
  • You are feeling stuck or unsatisfied in your current career
  • You want to explore how you might remain in your career in new ways
  • You want to explore the possibility of making a career change

What You’ll Leave With:

  • An expanded view of your career that fits your evolving vision
  • Our Ten Important Considerations Questionnaire to help you assess where you are today
  • Our complete eBook Navigating Professional Transitions at Midlife and Beyond
  • A course toolkit of exercises, worksheets, and other resources to support your learning

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Lisa Radford

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Laurie Van Court

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