Short courses iconContinue and expand your learning experience by joining one of our Short Courses any time they are offered. These courses were originally developed in response to students in our programs at the University of Denver asking us to take them on a deeper dive into important topics at midlife and beyond. We continue to evolve these courses and add to them.

Built on the foundation established in our In-Depth Courses, our Short Courses are more discussion-based and there are no assignments in between classes. Just show up for each class and engage in the conversation. You will likely see alums from your class and others that completed a class before you. Once you have completed Revitalizing Career or Reinventing Retirement you can enroll in any Short Course any time it is offered.

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What is the Perceptive Transitions Program?

Short Courses is part of our Perceptive Transitions Program. You’ll find helpful information about this Program – including Program Highlights, Snapshot of Program Participants, Meet the Faculty, and FAQ here.

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Expanding Community

If you are like many people at midlife your relationships may be changing. Perhaps longtime relationships are waning, your feelings about them have changed, or you want to create more or new relationships. You may also find that having a strong sense of community has become increasingly important to you. In this short course, we explore the importance of relationships and community as we age and how we can expand on both.

Cultivating Creativity

If you are like many people at midlife your roles and commitments are beginning to change. With change comes the opportunity to dream a new dream for the next chapter in your life. The ability to imagine and think expansively is essential at these times. For many people, it feels like their ability to think creatively has dulled with time. Or they may limit their thinking about creativity to artistic pursuits. In this course, we explore how creativity can increase with age and how we can cultivate it in all aspects of our lives.

Healthy Lifestyles

If you are like many people at midlife your health may of increasing importance to you. With the demands of work and family commitments embracing a healthy lifestyle may feel elusive at times and difficult to achieve. As we age, it is even more important to make our health a priority and we can do so at any age. In this course, we discuss three dimensions of health -physical/mental/social – and explore what a healthy lifestyle might look like as we age.

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