Leadership Development

Lori Zahn has been a great partner and trusted advisor over the years, helping us to raise our game as a leadership team through team building and leadership coaching. Lori’s thoughtful and professional approach along with her cogent, honest insights are highly valued. She has a knack for bringing the right tools and approach to each situation, and she effectively draws wisdom from a wealth of real-world experience.

Andy Grolnick, President & CEO, LogRhythm

I have truly appreciated working with Lori over the past two years. She took the time, up front, to get to know me and understand what I wanted out of our engagement. Lori was able to craft an approach that was unique to my needs, informed by her years of experience and her expertise with a diverse set of coaching and consulting tools. She has been incredible at supporting my individual growth and leadership skills as well as coaching me through the journey of building a high performing executive team.

Ismael Guerrero, President & CEO, Mercy Housing

Lori Zahn has worked with LogRhythm for over four years and has truly made a difference. We started engaging with Lori at the executive team level. Given her success with the executive team, we asked her company to coach all our vice presidents and most of our directors. Lori’s approach, her ability to inspire confidence and her open, honest conversations, I have seen truly visible growth in our leadership. She provided consistent and sincere direction both to individuals but also a coaching program. Perceptive Leaders provided me in HR a worry-free, value-added leadership program. I would highly recommend Lori to any business that is interested in learning more about a great coaching program or looking for a great coach to get a program started.

Dennis Stoltenberg, Vice President, Human Resources, LogRhythm

I had the opportunity to work with Lori Zahn for three years on several executive coaching and team development engagements. I saw the team shift, remove barriers, and come together in unprecedented ways as they worked with Lori. Our President and I also engaged Lori to conduct an organizational assessment to help us identify organizational staffing and process changes that were required to support continued growth. Lori is a masterful listener and facilitator of discovery.

Kim Mitchell, Senior Vice President Human Resources, First Data

Lori has worked with our organization as a leadership consultant in a variety of capacities. Our President engaged Lori to facilitate strategic planning meetings with our executive team. She did an excellent job of keeping the discussions on point and ensuring that we met our goals for the meeting. There was a strong sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. I highly value Lori’s forthright insights and recommendations as leadership consultant.

Joan Manning, Executive Vice President, Fiserv

Executive Coaching

Not only have I benefited tremendously from my coaching experience, I have also advocated and supported other leaders in our company to use Lori in their own development. Ten other leaders from my company have requested and used Lori for her special expertise and talents in moving leaders forward.

Susan Zimmerman, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Fiserv

Over the past two years, your coaching has been immeasurably helpful to the Foundation and me.  I was a bit hesitant and skeptical, yet after experiencing your professionalism, I am really a fan of executive coaching with you at the helm.  You were great at building my trust one conversation at a time.    While your feedback was sometimes difficult to hear, I always knew that it was coming from a place of honest care.  This was true whether you were trying to get me to see something difficult or congratulating me on some growth.  You clearly care about me as a leader, our organization and me as a person.

Steve Winesett, President & CEO, Children’s Hospital Foundation

Working with Lori enabled me to significantly increase my leadership effectiveness by building a size-able toolkit of knowledge and approaches.  Her approach was aligned to how I can best learn enabling the learnings to “stick” with me for years to come.  Those learnings for me included EQ, conflict management, leadership styles, managing influence, managing change within business environments and people, and professional relationship management.  During the time I worked with Lori, I found my learnings via executive coaching made me someone who enjoys their career because I am now acutely aware of my stressors and how to manage them.  As an executive today, there are few situations where I am not sure what to do next because I have the plethora of leadership tools available to me thanks to Lori!

Chris Brazdziunas, VP Engineering and Product, LogRhythm

I had the opportunity to work with Lori as an executive coach and it was nothing short of transformational. The process was extremely thought out and smooth but what was transformational were the insights.  The insights she gathered showed me how my style was limiting my ability to be as effective and impactful a leader as I wanted to be.  Lori was a phenomenal listener and created a safe yet challenging environment.  She delivered feedback with empathy and professionalism.  I utilize the feedback and coaching that she provided every single day. I would not hesitate to recommend Lori to anyone looking to improve themselves.

Kelly Titterington Wells, VP, Customer Success and Development, Webroot

Lori has had a profoundly positive impact on my personal growth and professional development which cannot be understated.  Coaching can be overwhelming, but she helped me prioritize my program so that I was tackling things that were strategic for the organization and for me.  I the goals we established were challenging but achievable.  Lori is insightful and has the unique ability to deliver difficult messages with kindness and compassion.  She pushed me beyond my comfort zone, but she was always acutely sensitive on when to push and how hard.  I know that I am a stronger manger, mentor, and leader after working with Lori.  Most importantly, I have left this experience with a greater sense of confidence and personal strength.

Anne Klein, Vice President of Development, Children’s Hospital Foundation